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Our Process

Each case features a natural wood backplate inlayed into a rubber-coated polycarbonate bumper for a premium blend of long-lasting protection & originality.

The designs are first hand drawn using the medium of ink on paper. All designs are original by Marcus (@paradigmdrift).

The illustrations are then digitised and then optimised for laser engraving at the workshop.

A high-powered laser of unrivalled quality is used to engrave the designs on the wooden cases.

The intricate details of the designs are replicated perfectly onto the wooden cases.

To remove sawdust effectively, the cases are individually cleaned and wiped down with a damp cloth.

The cases are then put out in the sun to get rid of excess moisture to prevent warping.

Natural light and a simple white background - cases are being shot at the balcony of our workplace.

Each case is packaged in a transparent hard-plastic box. Coupled with a bubble wrap mailer, one can be assured that the case would arrive safely even if it means travelling halfway across the world.